Thursday, 19 February 2015

Day 37 (India): Kodaikanal

It took me a couple of days (Day 35 and 36), overnighting in the hot, busy town of Coimbatore, to get here by bus. Kodaikanal is a cool and serene hill station, 2000m up in the Western Ghats, that offers sticky travellers with ineffectively self-laundered clothes welcome respite from the heat of the plains. It was certainly nippy this morning walking the ridges (pic) as I hiked to the hillside village of Vattakanal. Good job I packed that sweatshirt.

Kodaikanal's amiable streets, full of good local restaurants and chocolate shops, rise away from the pretty lake in the centre of town (pic). A stroll round the lake takes a pleasant hour, or less if you're intent on having a deliciously spicy gobi masala for lunch and buying some chocolate. Presumably choc is a speciality here because, unlike down on the plains, it won't melt away as soon as you put it in the shop window.

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