Friday, 13 February 2015

Day 31 (India): Kollam to Alleppey

Most of today was taken up with the eight-hour boat journey from Kollam to Alleppey. There was enough time in the morning, though, to walk round Kollam town watching the place wake up. This man buying a bucket from a cycling street vendor was clearly keen to examine his purchase carefully.

The boat journey was a very pleasant and relaxing chug up some of Kerala's 900km network of lakes, canals, ponds and channels (pic): about the only place in India you can escape from tuk-tuks.

Some of the waterside villages are only accessible by boat, which is the way many people get around (pic). This is evidently the Kerala equivalent of the school run.

The last hour, into Alleppey as the sun set, was a glorious skim across glassy waters, silently busy with houseboats (pic). This is where classy tourists stay. I'm not a classy tourist.

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