Thursday, 5 February 2015

Day 23: Jaffna

With an evening train to catch, and my bike entrusted to the Railway Parcel Office, I had another easy day. Most of the activity consisted of reading books and magazines in the British Council library (I could get into Adam Mars-Jones, you know), drinking tea and smoothies in local cafes, and enjoying delicious Rs200 vegetarian thalis (pic).

Finally, around six, I set off for the tedious night train back to Colombo. It's been lovely staying at Morgan's Guesthouse – a real treat after my cut-price lodgings of the previous weeks. It used to be a UN guesthouse (and Angelina Jolie, whoever she is, stayed in my room when she was here on envoy duty, apparently). I presume this explains the sign on the gate (pic).

Miles today: 4
Total miles: 592
Miles Dondra Head to Point Pedro: 470


  1. Thank you Rob for a lovely Photos & the write up of the resplendent island of Sri Lanka. Being a local as well as a British Citizen you did a admirable job in keeping politics out of your whole write up which I think is a tremendous effort. Also you never criticized the people or the country in your travels which is overwhelming. Thank you my friend.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. I had a fabulous trip, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting many wonderful people. I shall certainly be back! :)